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Hi everyone,

It has become clear here at Skilled Electrical that alternative energy solutions will soon be replacing traditional energy production methods within the foreseeable future. With this said we have been developing our sister company, Endless Energy, right here in Christchurch since 2016. Endless Energy was created purely to focus on solar projects without taking away from our already trusted and well established electrical company in Christchurch, Skilled Electrical.

The vision for Endless Energy is to create a sustainable future with solar power and to make the transition for Christchurch and Canterbury homes and businesses as seamless as possible. We believe that it is hugely important to start the transition into a cleaner, greener and more sustainable society to preserve our beautiful country for the generations to come. One of our greatest passions is contributing to a world that does not depend on fossil fuels for power and continuing to spread awareness on the eco-friendly alternatives.

Endless Energy provides personalised solar solutions and techniques for both commercial and residential needs. These are delivered by our skilled and qualified team of electricians and solar experts.

With Endless Energy we promise the best service and maintenance that the New Zealand solar industry has to offer.

Dean Wilson

Founder and General Manager of Skilled Electrical

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